About Us

Together socks was founded by us, Lewis and James.

Sadly, we have both had to deal with baby loss and miscarriage in the past. As a result we have been driven to raise funds to support the amazing work of Tommy's the baby charity.

We put our heads together and came up with Together Socks, with our first sock design dedicated to Tommy's. With a 50% donation of all profits from the sale of our socks, we hope to raise money to help Tommy's continue their fantastic work.

Tommy's refuse to accept that 1 in 4 pregnancies should result in loss or premature birth and we hope that with your help we can all come together to give mums, dads and babies more hope for the future.

With the remaining funds we hope to expand our range of socks to help Tommy's and other charities moving forward.

Thank you, together we can make a difference

Lewis' story:

"I first came across Tommy's in 2011 after losing my son who was born too soon. From that point I wanted to do something to remember him and began running for Tommy's and my obsession for helping them grew from that point.

I've been supporting Tommy's ever since, mainly doing endurance sporting events to raise sponsorship. Having recently suffered another miscarriage in my life and seen the hurt and pain it causes all over again, I have realised we as a community must do more to help those mothers and fathers who didn't get to hold their baby.

We can't keep having parents being torn away from their babies, as a father I felt particularly unable to help, alongside feeling like I couldn't or didn't have the right to grieve quite like the mums who carry the children.

Together socks is a great way to not only support Tommy's with funding, but also a great way to remember those babies who didn't have a chance of life, we will always be parents."



James' story:

"My wife and I first experienced miscarriage back in 2009, when my wife Gemma had two miscarriages in the same year. We were both in our mid twenties and were devasted by the losses.

Thankfully we have been lucky enough to go on to have three lovely baby boys, Toby in 2011, Louis in 2014 and Kit in 2017. We are a happy family and I count my lucky stars that I have been able to become a dad and Gemma become the loving super mum that she is today.

I met Lewis in 2018 and joined his running club 'KPR' with the aim to get fit and help raise money for Tommy's with like minded people, many of whom have experienced baby loss themselves.

Running with KPR has been fantastic as everyone is kind and supportive of each other.

Lewis and I became good friends and have many mutual interests including running, golf, paddle boarding and Chelsea football club, to name a few! When Lewis told me he wanted to sell some socks to help raise money for Tommy's I jumped at the chance to do it with him.

Unfortunately my wife Gemma had another miscarriage earlier this year and it has strengthened my desire to help raise money for all of the babies that have been lost and to help babies and families in the future.

We decided on the name 'Together socks' as not only do socks go togther to make a pair, we hope that by wearing our socks parents can be reminded of the babies they have lost and feel like they are together whenever they put their socks on."